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 SAVANNAH BIGAMY IMAGES                              
 LOOKING ME IN THE EYE WHILE HE TELLS THE LIES!                                MR. & MRS. JONES ?                                                                               



The picture on the left represents the only truth that day.......
That this woman was all alone.
She still isn't really married
 and doesn't have a clue!

I was thinking at this moment:
 "I have done it. I have found a good man and my children will see that life can be good and our marriage will be an example of honesty and Christianity for my family."

A portrait of Mom for a family heritage?
Instead I am a poster child for a campaign against fraud & bigamy.

What an absolute cruelty to put my family through this day. Monies were put out to travel and buy presents. My adopted sister Ginger was battling cancer and drug  her sick-self to Savannah to be there for me.  The hotel bills, the catering charges, fees for music, catering staff, tuxedos, wedding attire, child care, gas and traveling expenses for all concerned.  Some were down to their last dimes to come out of respect for the occasion!  Lost wages from work and on and on it goes........The pastors fees and travel.

Who pays back all those people?  The inconvenience for the people who flew from the west coast to be there for me.  All this done and it was
a cruel joke of the worst kind on all who participated unknowingly.

But one person did know
. Can you imagine the absolute nerve of the man to stand there in front of over a hundred people and commit Bigamy on a woman that was looking at him with those completely trusting eyes! How cruel and selfishly unfeeling do you have to be? I believe from the hard evidence presented to me by the investigators and by the testimony under oath from this very man of having committed the crime of bigamy previously that there was no way this man did not know full well what he was orchestrating.   

The Bigamist does not give a single thought

to the pain he inflicts on others.

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