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It has come to my attention that people are not aware that Mr. Jones was found guilty of insurance fraud in a court in Atlanta, Ga.  He was tried by the Insurance Commissioners Office. He is serving the last half of a years probation and is licensed with only a limited number of companies. Of course he will probably deny this.  I was one of the witnesses and I have my copies of the final documents. The fraud was against my corporation.  The terms of his probation are: If at any
time during his probation he is found to have committed an infraction he will loose his license completely.
 As an Agent, one would naturally be expected to be a person of high moral character. That is why I ask the question "Do an insurance license and bigamy fraud go together?"

This type of Agency position places you, the client, in a trusting position requiring you to deliver your most personal information to an Agent. Insurance Agents are expected to gather all your most protected information as a regular part of doing business. Think of it before you ever deal with any Agency in the future. I never had one thought that the Church Recommended Agent could be a con-man. You would think, surely the Insurance Companies would screen their representatives as a matter of public safety. Unfortunately, that is not the case. For the majority of my life, I have had some wonderful Insurance Agents. I have always leaned on the advice and council of my Insurance Agents to help plan my retirement and manage my health insurance for myself and my company. It's very alarming to me now that I know the fact that Agents have an unbelievable opportunity to commit fraud. With such limited over-site, we, the public , need to beware.

Changing the name of the business is one way to avoid being held accountable, so check very carefully before you trust. Note: Our Mr Smooth has resurrected an old business name as an addition to the Maurice Jones Agency. Now their is an additional business name, Jones Preusser and Associates Insurance.

The Judicial Process

Learning about the Judicial process first hand has been quite an experience. Realizing that the people you are coming into contact with have chosen as their career, the Law, you know they are a different breed. These people, I have found exemplify everything that gives us hope. They are there for Justice. Hard long hours. The outcome does not always satisfy everyone. Someone will say, " I did not get justice here". But a decision must be made for there to be justice. Sometimes it is a group of citizens who come together for this purpose. Sometimes a Judge, who has chosen this place of action, will be forced to weigh the evidence he or she was able to garner in a short time in a courtroom and try to make the best decision for justice. The system is filled with people. The heart of the Justice system is the people in it.

If you want to know where the warriors against evil are, hang around he DA's office or sit in a court room and watch the battle for justice going on everyday, after day, after day...

Time marches on. Every day here are new victims created by those who would flaunt the Law. Everyday the Justice system grinds away to stem the tide.......


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