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Writing a book...................
Getting excellent reviews so far......................
Thanks to all who have continued to be so supportive.

For me, this has been a life changing experience. I am more confident and much more focused and aware. Many friends have noted that I have been like the Phoenix rising from the  ashes! I have had a lot to deal with and have found that I am happier than ever in my life. Looking forward to traveling but  the difference will be that I no longer pay for those who travel with me. I also plan to see what I want to see and go where I want to go. I have control of my life now and don't intend to ever relinquish my choices  to anyone again.  True empowerment has been a hard won commodity for me. I gave it up too easily and that will never happen again. I have learned what a gift being on your own is. Relishing everyday, I press forward. even in hard economic times, I'm loving my life. Grateful for my could have turned out so differently and yet somehow, I survived! So, if you are a victim of crime,don't give up hope. Your life can be even better than before. It's all up to you and the attitude you develop as well as the choices you make. Press forward and fight for a new beginning. Clear out the people in your life who are draining you and who do not have your best interest in mind and keep moving forward toward some goal you have set. Some dream you have always wanted to fulfill. Some hope!  I wish you luck on your journey. I wish you peace of mind. You will get there...give it time.

July 2010 ( Escaping the heat of Savannah, Georgia )

A trip back to the mountains with trustworthy family members feels like life is back to normal. Only better....I actually got to do the things I've wanted to do for a change! No chaos or drama....a wonderful peaceful time. Coming back home feels good too. I'm already looking forward to more  fun trips already planned for the future. What a difference to be free of self serving companions...........and to be surrounding by people I can respect and who are respectful to me also.  I have felt it now and will never allow the "other" in my life again. 
Having the loving  support of a good family makes one feel free to try new things like painting and photography.
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