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10/26/2012   So much time has passed so quickly! I still receive phone calls every now and then about Mr. Smooth. Yes, he apparently has another woman whom he claims is his new wife............... Has he finally divorced his real wife in an actual divorce recorded in a real court of law? Or as we suspect, is he still married to the woman he has continued to be married to all along. After all, He has presented two different divorce documents to two different women. Each document proved to be a false record and each document had Mr. Jones "divorcing" his long time wife in  different courts and different counties! Both documents proved to be false and one an actual forgery. Both mature adult women were awarded annulments based on these false divorce documents. How many false divorce documents has Mr. Smooth actually produced that we have not seen?  I personally believe there are many women who just divorced and moved on without knowing it was bigamy! That, however, is simply my own personal belief. I saw a third divorce document being typed on his computer. I saw him visit web sites dedicated to false documents. I thoroughly investigated this gentleman and came to know what he represented.
 I then opened this web site to warn others to protect themselves from being vulnerable to Mr. Smooth and the others like him. I have survived and moved on to happiness and a productive life. I'm saddened by the stories of those who cannot get over the horror of this kind of crime. For me, I never saw it as something personal....only the natural act of a person without a natural born conscience. A person not like the rest of us. Unfeeling and empty inside.
 How blessed we are to be normal people who feel and love and hurt and laugh. We can be attached to others and live a rich full life.  I would not change places with Mr. Smooth and his type for all the money in the world.  I felt what it was like to be that person during that investigation. It was empty, futile and desperately sad.
 I wonder if his current 'New Wife' is like me and doesn't have a clue. Has he warned her about the crazy women in his past as he did me? I was told his ex was a nut. Don't pay any attention to her, she is a nut. Only she wasn't really his ex .... she was his real wife.
Does his new wife know he was convicted of Insurance Fraud? Or was she told that it was only because of that crazy woman?
 I dreamed his new wife was crying out out to me from a dark place. I woke up soaked in sweat.................... Can she be reached?                                                                                                 I don't know yet.......................................




It's a gamble for sure, but there are many who find their love and this is a day to Celebrate!

Valentines is one of my favorite holidays and it isn't only about romantic love. There are so many people to be remembered on this special day. You can have many Valentines! Children, parents, friends and many more can be remembered on this day! So to all who know how to love and be loved.............. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

It has come to my attention that people are not aware that Mr. smooth was convicted of insurance fraud and is currently serving a year's probation. If he is found to have another infraction during that  period, he will loose his license completely. He was tried by the State of Georgia in a State Court in Atlanta. I was one of many witnesses in that trial.  Mr. John Maurice Jones was convicted of insurance fraud against my company.  Bet he doesn't admit it to a soul! If needed, I have the final decision in print.................

BEWARE... BEWARE.............

I keep stressing to people how sensitive position of being an "agent" is. When you deal with an insurance "agent", you are required to give all of your most personal information to them!  Better make sure they are legitimate and honest!

For the record, Mr. Smooth lists himself as The Maurice Jones Agency, Jones Preusser & Associates, Jones Maurice Agency and some other variations are used in the St Marys - Camden County, GA area.

I've been just living my life and took a long break from posting. Decided to come back and freshen the site a little. Have been enjoying my peace and looking forward to this Christmas! Decorating is fun and have been hearing from friends who have been calling or coming by and catching up with all our new stories and events. Also get phone calls out of the blue concerning our Mr. Smooth. Apparently there are a great many people who could write about "fraud" and he just continues on unchanged, according to those who have voiced their many complaints. I just take it all in stride, laugh at the ridiculousness of such a false way of living and go back to my own life which I love very much. I am not worried about justice. The tacky life one must live to be a con artist is punishment enough. However, things continue to brew and I just haven't moved with the flow. Guess I'll have to get with it........



Choosing to initiate this web site was not a hard choice.  I felt I had to inform people about bigamy and fraud. I needed to tell people about my experiences with Mr Smooth so they had some information and could make informed decisions.

The hard part has been living with this web site about all the tacky stuff that happened and that you have this bigamy & fraud stuff in your life. Who want
s to broadcast that?  I have kept on because of the responses I get from others. It has helped people. I hope it continues to do so. I wish I could do more.

So you get busy living your life and then out of the blue comes a phone call:
Last week, I received a phone call . It was an official from The State Of Georgia.  We talked and in that conversation, my web site was mentioned.. I was commended for turning my site into an advocacy site for better record keeping and for helping victims. It was humbling and validating at the same time ... to hear someone define this site in those terms was everything I wanted to hear. Victims need to be encouraged and the records if made more assessable might help reduce the number of victims in the first place. If you are a victim of serious crime and you have chosen to fight the criminal and to co-operate with the legal system, you are in for the experience of your life. I see it as good and a chance for huge personal growth, which is what I have been experiencing.

I have been waiting patiently for some kind of justice. It is coming and soon.  News keeps comes in and progress is made. All very quietly. Very patiently. Very slowly. If you are a victim or a witness to crime, be patient,and don't fade away because it takes so long. It will happen. Do your civic duty and testify. If you read this site very often you will know my motto is: REMEMBER THOSE WHO COME AFTER YOU.

   Paper is King!!

9/9/10  In Court, Paper is King 

 Just a note to give encouragement and some helpful tips about what we have learned so far through this:
1) Emotional out burst will do nothing to help your situation. People are drawn to positive energy and humorous conversation, so a boo-hoo on a bad day is needed sometimes but behaving and communicating as a mature adult is the way to be taken seriously.  It is a hard thing to tell someone, who has every right to be falling apart, that they can't let it show too often in the public.  That's what makes it so hard for some people. They are emotional wrecks and can't pull them selves together to fight back and defend themselves.  My heart goes out to them, but overall, it's a good discipline to build in one's life.

2) Paper is King!  The legal system adores paper and if you can build your case with hard evidence  it is a big plus. Paper is not emotional, just the facts and they are written in stone!  Great things to have. Hand written paper work by the criminal, court filings about previous illegal behavior of the criminal, depositions and any other relevant paperwork.   A time line is a good help. It is amazing what jumps out at you when you lay things out on a time line. People follow certain patterns in their behavior which might work to your favor.       We have chosen not to post the documentary evidence on this site.  I know it might help those who might be starting a romantic relationship to be more convinced that this sight is based in truth, but I feel the evidence is where it needs to be for now. 

3)   It takes a long long time before you will ever see justice.  Don't think it won't ever will. I have found that time is just part of it. The system is busy and your time will come. If you are a victim you are treated well even if your answer won't come as soon as you think it should.  It can also be hard because people will ask& they can't believe it takes so long, so they may say justice will never happen......  Don't listen. Tell them you know it will be alright and frame the situation back on a positive note.

Hopefully, you have built a case on hard evidence of real prosecutable crimes and you can rest easy knowing the case evidence. If you are surrounded by other victims who won't come forward, trust the system. They have the power to make people come forward and tell the truth, and they can supena documents and have any testing done that is necessary.

Planning new and interesting things to do is good for you. We have been waiting to have our fun "Closure Island Luau".  Got a few more things to do to get backyard retreat ready!   We will probably have it before the final closure ever gets here, but it will be a blast!  We will invite the world!  This for me will be "my Closure " Process.

Thank you,
The Staff at imarriedmaurice

7/29/10    A phone conversation brings everything back into focus today. I may be moving on with my life but the "Machine of Justice" is also moving and I feel over whelmed that one day it could all come to it's final conclusion. I guess I will have to wait and see how this "Justice Machine" functions and is there really any justice left in this world for the victims.  I feel as if I have gotten my life back so "whatever!"  BUT...once again I say we must think about those who come after us...the others who could be hurt. So we testify ..or keep quiet or whatever it is we are supposed to do legally and wait for the Machine to do it's work. That is the final ending. No matter what the outcome...  I'm told I won't be left without justice. However, I won't ruin my happiness over the desire for it. Trust Me! :>)  
So today tells me things are still in motion even though I had no idea. One day...the ending......and then maybe a way to tell the story in a complete way to help others understand how this could, and repeatedly does, happen to people.  * Also a trip to the west coast seems possible so why not think about that for now! :>)

2/17/10   There has been an interesting development that has contributed to my learning more about sociopaths. I believe that I received an e-mail correspondence from a sociopathic person on one of the sites I run. It was really amazing to read it and I was surprised to see how much I have learned from reading the monthly letters from . ( a web site run by another Bigamy victim who happens to be a Psychiatrist and now studies sociopaths and their victims)

The person sending the e-mail has obviously seen the video I made in support of the National Data Base Lobbyists as there is a reference to the "Ocean of Tears" ( The Title of the Ad.) in the e-mail.  After reading and learning about this disorder of sociopathy, I find myself staring at one of the clearest examples of what the aforementioned site is explaining.  The need to feel "more intelligent" than others or "more important" was evidenced by the reference to ones self in the e-mail as a person of "superior intelligence" . And the obvious anger ringing through the note was focused on the victim who had fought back. The wishes of the writer of the note were for the victim to cry. Mentioning perhaps an "ocean of tears".  The obvious pleasure in the pain of others was interesting and noteworthy. It is obvious that mentioning the grief or problems created from association with a criminal sociopath give pleasure to these types of "people".

However, the mentioning of the criminal as an "ugly intrusion" or a "stain upon ones life" will bring anger and wrath. How dare a victim do anything other than suffer. How dare a victim recover, go on with their life and ridicule the criminals who continue to scrounge around and live an underclass life style. The truth is that no matter how much effort is made to "cover up", people see through and start to put the pieces together. Something a little "shady" about that guy or "man is he a fake" comments are made behind the person's back. The ultimate example for me to learn from is the complete lack of empathy exhibited in the e-mail. There isn't any feeling of concern as expressed by EVERYONE who finds out about the story. Communication has been amazing and it has been filled with concern and encouragement. I guess I will just have to stop laughing and goofing off! No more shopping and certainly no more dating and having fun! Health and wealth are not supposed to be in the cards for me! That was not the plan of my criminal. I believe that instead of remorse, the clearest example of sociopathy is the complete lack of it . It's interesting that there was anger at the mention that this criminal is actually something "tacky" that needs to be removed from your life with gloves! 

8/25/09      I have completed my responsibilities and can now rest
Thank You to all those who supported me and the fight for justice and safety for others.
My Work is done!  I can hardly believe it has happened yet and time will help me relax now and know I can be at peace and happy because I DID do what was right. I encourage other crime victims to stay strong and stay in the fight. The system is there and it will be there for you if you are patient. I am pleased completely with this transitional place in my life and have even cried a little from relief. 

Remember those who come behind you

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                               Please participate in our blog. Here is a recent post.
Angel wrote:
Hello friends and yes because of this site my mother was spared from Mr. Smooth. My mother had lost her husband to cancer and after almost 2 yrs of being lonely I decided it was time to find her a friend. I placed her on one of the popular dating sites to find a friend and low and behold Mr. Smooth answered. She thought he was one of the nicest men she'd ever talked to. Luckily, before meeting, I decided to look him up and do some investigating on him. Found that he didn't live on Tybee Island (right on the ocean) like he'd been saying and then found this site. Boy, what a shocker but also a blessing. I don't think my mother could have mentally handled another tragedy in her life. She was still grieving over losing her "better half" and I thought finding someone that could relate to her hurt might do her some good and make her feel alive again.
But, all things have a way of working out and one day Mr. Smooth will have to answer for all he's done. I wish everyone would have the knowledge to do a simple search on people by simply typing in their name, screen name, or email, etc. and hopefully they will find that there is sites warning them about characters such as him out there. It's scary and we all need to speak up and warn others as we come across them so we can stop them in their tracks or at least scare them off.
Thanks all and keep doing your research! ~ Good luck and wish you the best.... Angel

 ________________________Remember Those Who Come Behind You________________________  


Just a short note.
I wanted to share with those who are also trying to come to terms with past traumas. It does get better with time. Time keeps rolling on and with it the emotions fade away. What remains is an almost clinical detailing of the events without a feeling of personal attachment at all. In fact I have found it almost seems as if it happened to another me in another world. Certainly not connected to the peaceful life I am now living with such enjoyment. 

The motivation to help bring awareness about Bigamy is still there and I am still excited about the developments that are in play even now. I keep thanking those who push me to stay involved until the Justice System has done all it can. Humbly I think about all the dedicated people who give their lives to fight against criminals of all kinds.
They are well meaning and are held captive to the Law. And  the Law is a peculiar thing. It will be interesting to see how it all ends. One thing I know with certainty; I have felt my closure. The people I have been entrusted to throughout my journey have imparted to me the feeling of being validated. It must be something meaningful to almost all victims....this feeing as if someone sees you and cares enough to do something. Anything. Funny how it can mean Everything! 

Remembering those who come after me.................................
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