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  If you have experienced fraud,click here to read & contribute by posting your own story. It helps to learn from each other.        

There are plenty of fish in the sea: Just make sure yours isn't a  Shark!
Mr. John Maurice Jones
Married to Zoe Jones at the same time he was "married" to Linda Leake and then Sherry Daniel.  Both Linda And Sherry were awarded annulments on the grounds of Bigamy in the Courts of the State of Georgia. Both were lied to and used for their money and assets. Both know what he is and have tried to get people to listen and be aware.

Mr Jones is an internet prowler and is still active today even if he denies this to everyone. His names on the sites are: "Maury36"  Goodguy11"  "Insur4U" and "Safeguy11" . He does not post his picture on the site but will ask you for your email so he can send it to you directly. Be careful ladies! He is separating you from the pack. He is a very smooth operator and has Zero remorse for his actions. I call him "Mr Smooth". He will make you feel like you are soooo special and 'where have you been all his life'!! Don't believe it.  This man is 'Romance Central'. The most romantic human being I have ever met. This con man has broken the law and will eventually have to answer for his wrongs but for now be aware.  There is a constant stream of women running through his life. There is a trail a mile long of broken hearts and drained wallets.

The wife and family know and will do nothing to warn you. But they will accept the money that is drained from your accounts into theirs. I believe it is a family "racket" a "Grist-mill of Romance" and there is no way to measure how many have been "stung" by these con artists.  He portrays himself as a "Christian" and shows up at every funeral and event he hears about. He is "that nice man' everyone knows about. His own description to me of how we are viewed by the world is that we build a "public persona" to present to the world. In my opinion the more you have to hide the more you need to work that persona to keep people from catching on. After all it couldn't be that guy who's at church all the time volunteering and visiting the sick in the hospital. 

Many people in the Savannah business community know about the low character of this man, but say he is so good at walking the fine line no one can pin him down and make him accountable for his sins.  A note of mention is that there are two business names that Mr. Jones operates under that we are aware of. 'The Maurice Jones Agency' and 'Jones, Pressure & Associates Insurance'.  There is always more going on than simple "bigamy" and we all should be extremely careful when dealing with "professionals" who are given the right of "agency" as part of their business services. When giving your personal information to any individual, be very careful as there is much opportunity for abuse and fraud. I always refer to "bigamy as fraud" because that is what I am lobbying to prevent. Bigamy used to trick and open a person up for opportunities to be used and defrauded.

Be aware ladies, I do not visit sites. I met Mr Jones through business and through the church. I was sure I had finally met a good Christian man. I was very selective and very careful. He was a vice president at the state level on an ethics organization for Insurance and Financial Advisers, called GAIFA. He was a 20 yr attendee at a local church and ran a large and visible ministry within that church. You cannot easily see what these sharks are. Be careful.  Like all the other con men I know about, Jones is such a good talker that even with the truth out there some people will not believe it. My stand is that I can't do anything to stop a single bigamist from continuing to do harm. What I can do is work for a National Database to help others spot these guys more easily.

Mr. Jones at his office.

The Maurice Jones Agency 

Jones, Preusser  & Associates.
What To Do
If It Happens To You.

Some Suggestions:
1. Don't le t any feelings of  shame settle in. You have nothing to be ashamed of. These people are evil and they are predators. People who are practiced at subterfuge can fool anybody!

2. Don't try to go it alone. Involve other people and build a support team. If you are trying to get love and support from people who are judging YOU, move on! They are not your friends. 
3. Immediately start planning and dreaming of your new life after you have been (de-bigamatized!)  Give yourself something to look forward to.

4.  Protect your assets!  This is all about YOUR money!
Get control of your credit cards,checking accounts,debit cards, etc.  Make sure you get legally annuled (de-bigamatized) from the bigamist. Also check your insurance beneficiaries and any other possible way you can think of to access your funds or future earnings. It is time consuming but you might find as I did that the beneficiary was changed on my life insurance against my wishes.  



Do Not Assume

5. It is usually not advisable to play the bigamist's social game to discredit them publicly. Most of these people have a seared conscience and can beat you hands down at the politic game in the venue of public opinion. If you have evidence of a crime committed, turn it over to the proper authorities and move on with your life.

6. Guard against the impulse to get revenge. It is a disease that will eat you alive and ruin your ability to redeem your life and go on to a happy future. See the humor in it all. Make up funny jokes and laugh at the whole thing! I promise you a situation like this is rich with hilarious moments
   Laugh at yourself because you have probably done some really dumb stuff in your reaction to things!

7. Guard against hating entire genders / religions / races / nationalities or other groupings because the bigamist you were associated with belonged to that group. I will not become prejudiced because I have been hurt, There are good and bad people in all groupings.

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